Family Circus Shows


Multi-skilled and way over-talented, this is a Family Circus Duo who have a Variety Show of exciting and fun acts to offer.

Based in Sydney they travel extensively.

They are a family friendly comedy duo that have an obsession for laughter and the ridiculously silly. With a mixing pot of variety, vaudeville and circus, these two have travelled the world atop their penny farthing, dragging suitcases of shenanigans and bringing giggles to the masses.

They have dug deep into their trunks to discover the weird and wonderful history of circus and magic. Their love of all things that turn has led them to be the only trick penny farthing riders in Australia. Witness this unusual spectacle as this children’s show brings to life the rich stories of invention, achieving impossible skill and the joy synonymous with Australian circus.

Great for all ages! Juggling and clowning, plate spinning, whip cracking and clowning slapstick, human balloon, cyr wheel, hula hoop, penny farthing, stilt and aerial performances – with space & time allowing they can do it all!

They also do the Penny Farthing performance, roving Balloon Bikes, Stilt Pirates, Stilt Elves, Stilt Boat and Diver, installation Lollipop Lyra and more!

Family or Corporate events are catered for and something can always be tailored for nearly any event.

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