Comedy Circus Christmas Elves


The comedy circus Christmas Elves are here to bring plenty of jolly fun to your next Christmas event.

Whether it is roving on stilts or the ground, plus shows with many skills, these two clowning and circus professionals will amaze and delight!

Stilts, clowning, juggling, plate spinning, penny farthing, cyr wheel, hula hoops and aerial are all possible depending on your space, requirements and budget. A mix of all or any of the above!

Please contact Jen more information and options tailored to your event.

Not all photos here have them costumed as Elves, however all acts can be in Elf costumes.

They also offer the Penny Farthing performance, Variety Circus Duo show, roving Stilt Pirates, Stilt Boat and Diver, Balloon Bikes and installation Lollipop Lyra!

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