Balloon Bikes


Fun push bikes with “Helium like” balloons, the Balloon Bikes have been a huge hit around the country.

And for Christmas they are taken over by two trusty Elves!

The old romantic world of Airship travel is captured in this gloriously eccentric roving act. See these dashing aeronauts out for a ground training session before taking off. With a waltzing soundtrack, catch them for a photo opportunity before they head for the clouds.

Based in Sydney the Balloon Bikes are a great highly visual and fun interactive roving act for all kinds of events, family days, cycling events, festivals, and even Christmas events where they dress as elves.

Performed by professional comedy circus performers they are loads of fun wherever they go! They are up to date with the current COVID-19 requirements and have a COVID safe plan. They are visually spectacular and able to engage crowds from a safe distance!

They also offer the Penny Farthing performance, Variety Circus Duo show, Gandini’s Medical Marvels, roving  Stilt Elves, Stilt Boat and Diver, and installation Lollipop Lyra!


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