Penny Farthing Duo


The Penny Farthing Duo can be with one or two daring performers, doing courageous stunts on a Penny Farthing.  This can be a stage or roving act and is based in Sydney.

Fun and interactive, skilled and original, one or two brave aviators or “clowns” set a new record of high heights and dangerous stunts!

If roving, they can perform 2 x 45mins or 3 x 30mins in a 3 hr call. They can also perform more than one 3hr call per day and have other acts they can interchange with.

Please also see the Stilt Pirates, Stilt Boat and Diver, or their very loveable Christmas Clown Elves!  And their Variety Circus Duo show, roving Balloon Bikes and installation Lollipop Lyra!

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