Gandini’s Medical Marvels


A fabulous and fun circus and vaudeville style show from another world and time, Gandini’s Medical Marvels takes a journey back in time to the insatiable era of the travelling medicine show

Before our current world of pharmaceutical king pins, google doctors and infomercials, there was a world of wonders and miracle cures. In a storm of dust and the grandiose, The Great Gandini and his amiable assistants have travelled from the desert plains to present his fortified “Luscious Love Elixir.”

This comedic romp is a delight for all ages.

It pays tribute to the old floorboards of vaudeville, the modern delights of contemporary circus and the boisterous traditions of clown and physical comedy. You will witness hilarious juggling routines, elaborate dance routines and lots and lots of laughter.

Great for family events and festivals, or even corporate events with a medical theme! (just don’t send in the fact checkers!)

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