25 Jan 2020

Stilts and Icecream! Roving at Shopping Centre, Sunshine Coast

It is always a great time for Icecream and what is lovelier than a roving stilt walker that has an icecream themed costume! A wow for family crowds in a shopping centre outdoor dining area on the Sunshine Coast, recently. Sunshine and Icecream – it’s almost a song!

23 Jan 2020

Funky Clowns on Bikes, Tour Down Under, Norwood

We were asked to quickly put together something themed for the Tour Down Under in Norwood, for a set budget and look what we did. Our Funky Clowns have come down off their stilts and one is on unicycle (as often happens!) and the other is on a kick bike complete with flowers – so... (more)

22 Jan 2020

Stilt Origami Creatures roving Tour Down Under, Stirling

The Tour Down Under is always an amazing event in South Australia and this year is no exception. The weather is event kind!! We have our amazing Stilt Origamis Creatures roving at gorgeous Stirling in the Adelaide Hills today and have enjoyed the crowds and anticipation for the bikes to zoom through! A beautiful day... (more)

17 Jan 2020

Tennis themed Roving and Show, Darwin Shopping Centre

The tennis is on and for the next 9 days we have one of our roving Acrobatic Bouncers really getting into it, and also a tennis themed juggling show in a Darwin Shopping Centre! Great fun, colourful and skilled! Hit it!

15 Jan 2020

Roving Seagulls, Library Event in Melbourne

The Giant Seagulls are an event favourite and we know why. They are funny, naughty and very loveable. Recently at a family Library Event in Melbourne suburbs we had great feedback from the library event coordinator: “Seagulls were great! Thanks so much“

31 Dec 2019

Vintage Swimmers roving at New Years Eve in Adelaide

Our gorgeous & fun Stilt Vintage Swimmers were welcome entertainment for the massive crowds in Elder Park, Adelaide on New Year’s Eve. There were a lot of fantastic acts wandering around and on stage and the Vintage Swimmers loved being a part of it all.

24 Dec 2019

Bingle Bell – Westfield Marion Christmas Events

Our loveable and oversized Christmas Bell on Unicycle, Bingle Bell, was a huge hit by all accounts for Christmas Shoppers at Westfield Marion in Adelaide on Christmas Eve. Ding Ding Ding! Pictured at another event.

07 Dec 2019

Christmas Balloon Bikes & Elves, Sydney Campbelltown Carols

The roving Christmas Balloon Bikes and their Elves are excited and ready to go at Campbelltown (Sydney) Christmas Carols tonight. A fantastic Christmas event and happy to be back!

06 Dec 2019

French Stilt Angels Adelaide, Corporate Staff Christmas Party

Our gorgeous French inspired Stilt Angels in Adelaide, wowed the staff at a corporate Christmas party in Adelaide tonight. With vintage and French renaissance inspired costumes, the addition of stunning lights as the evening moved on added to the wow factor of these incredible Slack Taxi roving designs.

01 Dec 2019

Circus Duo Variety Show from Sydney & Balloon Bike Roving

One of the most entertaining circus duo’s from Sydney wowed the crowds with their variety show, and roving with a spectacular Balloon Bike, this morning at Frenchs Forest. They also included their signature Penny Farthing act in the show to add to the amazing variety for the day.

01 Dec 2019

Roving Unicycle & Stilt Clown, Launch Community Hub, Salisbury, Adelaide

And the fun continues at the launch of the new Community Hub in Salisbury, with a roving unicycle and stilt Funky Clown adding to the entertainment today. Crowds flowed through the new venue checking out the facilities and loving all the festivities.

30 Nov 2019

Amazing Acrobatic Duo, Salisbury, Adelaide

A leading young brother/sister acrobatic duo performed at the opening of a new Council Hub in Salisbury (Adelaide) today. Their amazing skills truly wowed everyone! (photo not at this event)