14 Mar 2020

Roving Bubble Pirate, Shopping Centre, Maroochydore QLD

The roving Bubble Pirate is one of the best roving bubble acts in the country with amazing attention to detail in the design. Roving on a segway at a Shopping Centre outdoor area and riverside walkway in Marrochydore QLD, this roving act and others have been loved by the crowds here. We love sending our... (more)

07 Mar 2020

Circus Tent, Upstream Festival of Art & Culture, Wodonga

We were thrilled to supply a circus tent from some of our trusted contractors for the Upstream Festival of Art and Culture at Wodonga. The Alkazar is approximately a 120 seat venue (give or take) and has a colourful facade with a touch of comedy, perfect for Arts events. They loved it so much and... (more)

01 Mar 2020

Stilt Cricketers, roving at T20 Womens World Cup Cricket, Sydney

A great series of bookings at an equally great event. The Stilt Cricketers only regret was that all their female stilt walkers were already fully booked, so the boys were there to backup the players over multiple dates at the T20 Women’s World Cup at Sydney Showgrounds. Everyone did Australia proud!! (Picture of Slack Taxi... (more)

25 Feb 2020

Stilt Origami Creatures, Adelaide University Orientation

Our Stilt Origami Creatures are a highly original Slack Taxi design and have been seen at many events around the world for 20 years. We have updated and added to them over the years and this week they were roving at Adelaide University Orientation Week. A stunning location and very worthwhile event. We love meeting... (more)

24 Feb 2020

Fun Juggler & Penny Farthing, Adelaide University Orientation

Adelaide University Orientation wanted an Adelaide Fringe performer who could interact with the students and add some fun to the Orientation days and we had the perfect answer – a close Slack Taxi friend, a juggler and penny farthing rider (among many other things he can do) from a group in Sydney and in town... (more)

22 Feb 2020

Stilt Flowers, Wyndham Park Party, Melbourne

The beautiful Stilt Flowers dazzled crowds at Wyndham Park Party this weekend in Melbourne. A beautiful family event and something that the Flowers are perfect for.

21 Feb 2020

Salisbury Secret Garden Festival, circus street performers program -Adelaide Fringe

Another great year for the Adelaide Fringe event at Salisbury – Salisbury Secret Garden Festival. Slack Taxi is pleased to have been invited to program the circus street performers for the fifth year at the spectacular new Salisbury Community Hub. We programmed performers from Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Sydney, New Zealand, the UK, Sweden, and... (more)

17 Feb 2020

Contortionist Street Shows, Newcastle University Orientation

A fabulous week of street shows at from Emma who is a world class contortionist & street performer at Newcastle University Orientation. We supply a range of top performers in the circus and street performing world to University Orientations and the performers love this work. Easing students into a new environment and helping them smile... (more)

16 Feb 2020

Family Festival Roving Acts, Ferntree Gully, Melbourne

We had a delightful duo of cheeky Gnomes, plus the Stilt Flowers, as garden themed roving acts booked at a Family Festival in Ferntree Gully, Melbourne today. The feedback was extremely positive. The Gnomes are a unique family act, perched in wheelbarrows and combining theatrical improvisation and comedy with elements of puppetry. The Stilt Flowers... (more)

01 Feb 2020

Gold Living Statue, Shopping Centre Roving, Sunshine Coast QLD

What could be lovelier at the sunny Sunshine Coast than a wonderful gold living Statue roving in the outdoor dining area of a shopping centre precinct. Incredibly detailed design and interactive mime performer from Brisbane!

26 Jan 2020

Roving Beach Circus Acts, Australia Day, Wollongong

We had a wonderful mix of top Australian roving circus acts with a beach theme perform at Australia Day Celebrations in Wollongong today. From comedy Acro Synchronised Swimmers, to a roving Boat and Diver, and magnificent Stilt Waves, it was a wonderful day for all!

25 Jan 2020

Stilts and Icecream! Roving at Shopping Centre, Sunshine Coast

It is always a great time for Icecream and what is lovelier than a roving stilt walker that has an icecream themed costume! A wow for family crowds in a shopping centre outdoor dining area on the Sunshine Coast, recently. Sunshine and Icecream – it’s almost a song!