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25 Jan 2023

Stilt Kangaroos, Singleton Australia Day Event, NSW

The very popular Stilt Kangaroos from Sydney are roving at the Singleton Australia Day Event tonight. A perfect act for the Australian themed festivities, the Sydney based Stilt Roos are in high demand. Luckily Singleton are having their event the evening before Australia Day so it is perfect! Pictured at another event

09 Dec 2022

Bouncing Stilt Elves, Christmas in Singleton NSW

The Bouncing Stilt Elves from Sydney are so popular and are excited to be a part of Christmas on John Street in Singleton tonight. Pictured at another event

22 Oct 2022

T20 Cricket Acrobats, Perth Stadium

We are so excited to be providing leading Perth based Acrobats dressed as our Circus Sports Star Cricketers for the T20 matches at Perth Stadium over the coming days. Pictured at another event

17 Sep 2022

Glam Rocker Stilt Walkers, Central Coast Music Festival

We always manage to find the perfect act for an event and today is a great example. The Central Coast Music Festival wanted stilt walkers and we were able to supply 2 Glam Rocker Stilt walkers from a top stilt group in Sydney. Pictured at another event

07 Sep 2022

Solo Circus Shows at West Wyalong Show, NSW

Another of our favourite Shows around the country is West Wyalong Show and we have been pleased to finally provide some much needed entertainment to this community post COVID. Even the rain couldn’t drown everyone’s spirits as Scoot the Stunt Juggler from Adelaide, and Will with his Acrobatic Breakdance Show & workshop (based near Byron... (more)

03 Sep 2022

Stilt Flowers, Strathfield Spring Fest, Sydney

The Stilt Flowers are the perfect addition to Strathfield Spring Fest today. With a huge and impressive range of Spring themed stilt acts, these performers are in high demand at the moment! Pictured at another event

31 Aug 2022

Stilt Cricketers, The Dome, Sydney corporate event

The Stilt Cricketer & Umpire have been invited to entertain a corporate crowd at The Dome in Sydney today. A fantastic roving act these Stilt Walkers have many characters that they offer; they are an internationally renown team who travel worldwide with their acts.

04 Jul 2022

Stilt Kangaroos at International Corporate Welcome, Melbourne

What a perfect way for an event to greet international corporate guests! The Sydney based Stilt Kangaroos were on hand to give welcome gifts and lots of laughs for an international corporate event in Melbourne.

02 Jul 2022

Shows and roving @ Bingara Orange Festival

We are so pleased to bring some more show and roving acts to Bingara NSW today, this time for the Bingara Orange Festival. Hula Hoops, Juggling, and stilt roving by two of the best Sydney based female circus performers! (pictured at another event)

04 May 2022

Roving Stilt Walkers, Adelaide Oval Corporate event

And another corporate event at Adelaide Oval this week! This time we had our original stilt acts, Vintage Stilt Swimmers, Stilt Cricketer, Comedy Stilt Chef, and our colourful and stunning ground characters Lord Meow and Lady Kitty! They make a great group in the dressing room along with the Sydney based Stilt Kangaroos!

21 Apr 2022

Roving Giant Seagulls, Central Coast NSW

The Giant Seagulls are more fun roving entertainment for 2 days of school holidays in Toukley and The Entrance on the NSW Central Coast! (picture from another event)

19 Apr 2022

Sydney Royal Easter Show

We were so pleased to provide the Sydney Royal Easter Show with a range of acts for the 12 days of the show, all created and owned by a leading Sydney based team run by Lil Tulloch and George Le Couteur. The acts were all very well received and included parades and roving with the... (more)