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07 Dec 2019

Christmas Balloon Bikes & Elves, Sydney Campbelltown Carols

The roving Christmas Balloon Bikes and their Elves are excited and ready to go at Campbelltown (Sydney) Christmas Carols tonight. A fantastic Christmas event and happy to be back!

01 Dec 2019

Circus Duo Variety Show from Sydney & Balloon Bike Roving

One of the most entertaining circus duo’s from Sydney wowed the crowds with their variety show, and roving with a spectacular Balloon Bike, this morning at Frenchs Forest. They also included their signature Penny Farthing act in the show to add to the amazing variety for the day.

08 May 2015

Soccer Stilt Walkers – A League finals, Adelaide, Sydney

Soccer Stilt Walkers provide plenty of fun & impact for crowds coming into A League finals around the country. Here they are in Adelaide on May 1st and others are in Sydney on May 9th.

05 Mar 2015

Circus Sports Stars

Fun sports themed roving circus performers, the Circus Sports Stars include world class jugglers, acrobats, stilt walkers & unicyclists for major sporting events or sporting functions around Australia. We can even provide our very unique and dynamic Slack Taxi Bouncers, Stilt Footballers, themed to various sporting codes, plus our Stilt Cricketers! Great for getting crowds in... (more)

26 Jan 2015

Roving Seagulls, Dandenong, Australia Day


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The hilarious roving Giant Seagulls were at Dandenong’s Australia Day Festival. They are one of the best comedy roving acts from Melbourne and Sydney and perform all over Australia as well as internationally.

07 Nov 2014

Stilt Butterflies

Visually stunning, the Stilt Butterflies are beautiful roving stilt designs by leading circus artists, based in Sydney & Melbourne. For corporate events, garden & family festivals, environmental themes, parades and more. They shimmer with dream-like wings and visions of grandeur. People reach for their cameras when they see the Butterflies floating above and through the crowd.  Children are especially mesmerised... (more)

05 Nov 2014

Acro & Contortion

One, two or three skilled Sydney Acro & Contortion performers can offer a graceful floorshow and/or interactive roving at your next event. With skills in acrobatics, balance and contortion, these stunning performers are sought after for corporate functions and festival events around the country. Based in Sydney. Image Gallery

05 Nov 2014

Bike Boy

Extreme entertainment, extreme fun! World-renowned street entertainer and astounding circus performer Bike Boy mixes amazing bicycle stunts & juggling tricks with his spontaneous, zany humour to put on a thrilling, fearless & funny show. Trained in Europe’s biggest circus and largest theme park, Sean has awed audiences around the world & is now based in Sydney,... (more)

05 Nov 2014

Stunt Juggler & Unicyclist

Mark is a Juggler & Unicyclist who is one of Australia’s most exciting solo circus street performers  – he goes by the name Scoot the Stunt Juggler he is a skilled international street performer, performing & juggling since a young age & with a degree in Circus and even a Guinness World Record – see... (more)

05 Nov 2014

The Cloudmen

Serene and sublime, The Cloudmen are unique Sydney based roving performers. Perfect for festivals and corporate events, or events with seasonal themes – spring, summer, autumn or winter, arts functions … the list is endless! A homage to the popular Belgian surrealist artist, Rene Magritte, they incorporate the artist’s signature elements – the Businessman, the... (more)

05 Nov 2014

Bouncing Stilt Elves

Have you been naughty or nice? These cheeky roving Stilt Elves will put you to the test before Santa arrives! Fantastic roving Christmas characters based in Sydney and Melbourne & performed by Australia’s leading street circus & stilt performers. The bouncing comedy Stilt Christmas Elves rove & create a festive spirit at Christmas events everywhere. Able to... (more)

05 Nov 2014

Christmas Candy Canes

Towering up to 3.6 metres tall, the impressive Giant Candy Canes delight audiences of all ages. Great Christmas characters from Sydney and Melbourne. The very sight of these Candy Canes spread Christmas cheer and their playful nature thoroughly engages the audience and leaves them with a sugar high! The Giant Candy Cane duos are made up... (more)