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08 Oct 2021

Roving stilts, Adelaide University Markets

It is the Sunset Markets at Adelaide University and our original Stilt Origami Creatures have come out to play. Enjoyed by the relaxing crowd on the Adelaide Uni Maths Lawns, the Origami Creatures fit the mood perfectly. (photo at a previous Adelaide University event)

22 Aug 2021

Roving Stilts, Adelaide Central Markets

In more normal years it would be Royal Adelaide Showtime, but this year COVID has impacted again. So Adelaide Central Markets are trying to create a Showtime feeling for everyone with a bit of extra entertainment. Our Funky Clowns on stilts are just what the Dr ordered for the next 3 weekends. Excuse the medical... (more)

15 Mar 2015

Walkabout Stilt and Animal acts, Melbourne

World class roving & walkabout stilt and animal acts featuring great comedy characters, delighted the crowds at Party in the Park, a regular family event for Glen Eira Council, Melbourne. Big Rory and his dog Ochie are always a huge hit, and the stunning Stilt Elephants could not be missed either.

01 Mar 2015

Stilt Walkers, Adelaide Art Gallery Kids’ Day


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The unique and spectacular Origami stilt performers wowed the family crowd at Adelaide Art Gallery Start event for children and families. The Origamis are an inspired roving stilt act designed by Adelaide designer Steve Hayter, specifically for Slack Taxi circus and stilt performers.

08 Feb 2015

Stilt Cricketers, World Cup, Adelaide Feb-Mar

Our fantastic roving Stilt Cricketers at Adelaide Oval are set to wow the ICC World Cup Cricket crowds  moving through the Fan Zone on Feb 8, 15, March 9 & 20, 2015.  Other performers include roving circus acrobats that are great for corporate and sporting events.

26 Jan 2015

Cricket Stilt walkers, Adelaide, Jan 26th


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What’s bigger and better than a spot of cricket on Australia day? Our Cricket Stilt performers delight shoppers in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall with some “back yard” cricket fun.  Adelaide circus stilt walkers with oodles of Australian character for sporting events and festivals!

29 Nov 2014

Country & Western Stilts

Yes we’re way out west and have an original Country & Western Stilt Cow Gal. With fiddle and lasso this towering Perth stilt performer is sure to round up your audiences with some good old country & western entertainment. The same performer can also offer the Country and Western circus show – Miss Red. Image Gallery

29 Nov 2014

Comedy Stilts – Cupcakes

No women get things whiter, brighter and so sparkly clean! The Cupcakes are two comedy roving stilt performers based near Brisbane. Fantastic 1950’s style roving characters on stilts developed by skilled performers in improvisation, comedy, circus. The Cupcakes are larger than life, gorgeous & perfectly groomed women, on a mission to clean up the streets (with... (more)

07 Nov 2014

Stilt Butterflies

Visually stunning, the Stilt Butterflies are beautiful roving stilt designs by leading circus artists, based in Sydney & Melbourne. For corporate events, garden & family festivals, environmental themes, parades and more. They shimmer with dream-like wings and visions of grandeur. People reach for their cameras when they see the Butterflies floating above and through the crowd.  Children are especially mesmerised... (more)

07 Nov 2014

Big Rory on stilts & Ochie the dog

Hilarious stilt & animal themed roving act based in Melbourne and the UK. Big Rory and Ochie the Dog are no ordinary street theatre/circus characters. They explode onto an audience. A giant Scotsman and his endearing dog. Visually impressive, their characters are huge too. People (and often dogs) fall in love with Ochie. They look... (more)

05 Nov 2014

Bouncing Stilt Elves

Have you been naughty or nice? These cheeky roving Stilt Elves will put you to the test before Santa arrives! Fantastic roving Christmas characters based in Sydney and Melbourne & performed by Australia’s leading street circus & stilt performers. The bouncing comedy Stilt Christmas Elves rove & create a festive spirit at Christmas events everywhere. Able to... (more)

05 Nov 2014

Christmas Candy Canes

Towering up to 3.6 metres tall, the impressive Giant Candy Canes delight audiences of all ages. Great Christmas characters from Sydney and Melbourne. The very sight of these Candy Canes spread Christmas cheer and their playful nature thoroughly engages the audience and leaves them with a sugar high! The Giant Candy Cane duos are made up... (more)