30 Oct 2014

Stiltwalkers, Adelaide Fringe Event, Oct 2014


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The fabulous Stilt Ballerinas were the official & rather flamboyant “meet and greet” entertainment for corporate guests at Minter Ellison’s Adelaide Fringe sponsor launch. As some of Adelaide’s best roving stilt performers the Ballerinas are at many high profile corporate events and launches.

12 Oct 2014

Wollongong Shopping Centre Launch, Oct 2014

Fantastic beach themed stilt walkers and comedy roving performers from Sydney, the Stilt Lifesavers, Seagulls, and Cloudmen, entertained the crowds at a major launch of new stores in Wollongong Central Shopping Centre, from October 9-12, 2014.

14 Sep 2014

Bank Corporate Launch, Adelaide Show, Sept 2014

The irrepressible Minibike Stunt Team duo, Acrobatic Bouncers, & hilarious airline hostess duo Tracey and Stacey, are top Australian circus acts who were part of a Bank SA corporate campaign launch at the Royal Adelaide Show Sept 12-14. Three fun, skilled and highly original circus style acts engaged those passing by with huge success for the... (more)

14 Sep 2014

Orange Blossom Festival, Roving Stilts, Sydney, Sept 2014

The gorgeous Stilt Flowers once again provided roving stilt entertainment at the Castle Hill Orange Blossom Festival in Sydney’s west on September 13 & 14, 2014. Beautiful stilt walkers perfect for spring events.

24 Aug 2014

Pan Pacific Swimming Event – Gold Coast QLD – Aug 21 – 24

World class roving circus performers, the fantastic roving Acrobatic Bouncers, back up the Broadbeach Jazz Festival with another major Gold Coast event from August 21-24th. Performing at the Hancock Prospecting 2014 Pan Pacific Championships this incredible act with performers from Brisbane and Sydney is great for sporting, festival and corporate events.

22 Jul 2014

University Orientation Entertainment – Newcastle – Jul 21 – 22

Newcastle University are making sure their Orientation week is a cracker with some fantastic circus skilled performers from Sydney! With roving and workshops by a Sydney Whip Cracker plus the hilarious roving Stilt Kangaroos the University students are experiencing some of the best circus entertainers to come out of Sydney and Australia.