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26 Jan 2015

Roving Seagulls, Dandenong, Australia Day


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The hilarious roving Giant Seagulls were at Dandenong’s Australia Day Festival. They are one of the best comedy roving acts from Melbourne and Sydney and perform all over Australia as well as internationally.

29 Nov 2014

Roving Musicians – The Hepburns

The Hepburns are incredibly accomplished Perth based roving musicians. With a “My Fair Lady” theme, three very ordinary girls present themselves as fine eloquent ladies through physical theatre, comedy and music as they glide through the crowds on double bass, accordion & vocals. Fun, cheeky, interactive roving musical comedy suitable for all ages & events. If it is... (more)

29 Nov 2014

Sugarplum – roving stilts

Sugarplum is a comedy roving stilt walker ballerina, based near Brisbane. Great for festivals and all kinds of family events. Sugarplum’s comedy character is an over-indulged prima-donna ballerina who loves nothing more than to pirouette on point! Her mum lives vicariously through her and has big plans for a ballet career. She will happily tell you all about it while you... (more)

29 Nov 2014

The Valentines, roving

Where has romance gone? It is back with the Valentines, comedy interactive roving ground characters, ensuring the art of love is alive and well. Based near Brisbane, this cupid inspired duo will find the fun romantic in us all as they coach and coax the art of courtship & enduring love in the most hilarious way. Look... (more)

29 Nov 2014

The Lollipops – roving

The Lollipops are fantastic interactive and comedy roving entertainment based near Brisbane. A fun interpretation of the very helpful & much loved Lollipop people who assist at road crossings. Be led across a randomly appearing zebra crossings, revolve around spontaneous roundabouts made of unsuspecting people, obey bizarre street signs or suffer undignified punishment, and make sure you... (more)

29 Nov 2014

Comedy Stilts – Cupcakes

No women get things whiter, brighter and so sparkly clean! The Cupcakes are two comedy roving stilt performers based near Brisbane. Fantastic 1950’s style roving characters on stilts developed by skilled performers in improvisation, comedy, circus. The Cupcakes are larger than life, gorgeous & perfectly groomed women, on a mission to clean up the streets (with... (more)

29 Nov 2014

James Comedy Magician

James is a fantastic, entertaining and interactive comedy magician with shows, comedy, roving and sleight of hand magic –  based in Brisbane. Regularly performing around the country and overseas, James is only in Brisbane for part of the year. Hailing from Edinburgh (Scotland) James has brought his new and astounding magic performances to Australia. Using... (more)

17 Nov 2014

Lisa – Hula Hoops & Circus

Lisa is a Melbourne circus performer, cabaret artist, corporate entertainer and festival performer. Lisa’s hula hoop performances, contortion, comedy and fun style have been seen across Europe and around the world. With training and skills from some of the best circus schools in India, Rio de Janeiro & London, Lisa is now based in the... (more)

07 Nov 2014

The Garden Party

The Garden Party are three hilarious and magnificent 18th century & garden inspired Melbourne roving performers, performing as a moving garden landscape! Perfect for spring, garden & environmental themed events, or any event that wants colour, comedy, fun and spectacle. Each performer has their own “garden” personality reflected by their costume, character and garden setting. The Garden can perform... (more)

07 Nov 2014

Zebras – comedy roving

High fashion with a beastly twist, the hilarious Zebras are one of the best ground roving acts in Melbourne. Perfect for festivals, picnics, park and wildlife events wanting the an animal touch, but don’t just expect them to stay outdoors – great for corporate, fashion events, and launches as well! Are you sick of things looking a... (more)

07 Nov 2014

Eloise – Circus & Hula Hoops

Eloise is one of Australia’s leading circus performers and has performed at over 100 Festivals in over 15 countries around the world. She is based in Adelaide. Performing hilarious interactive circus routines with hula hoops & comedy, Eloise is one of the most sought after performers in the country for corporate & festival events. Floorshows or street shows,... (more)

07 Nov 2014

Scott – Comedy Magician

“Magic and Mind reading at its funniest” Scott has performed on TV, radio, comedy clubs and many other private events. Scott specialises in corporate weddings family events Scott is a professional comedy magician in Adelaide who performs at over 250 events each year. Shows up to 45mins duration or roving performances are possible. It doesn’t... (more)