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06 Dec 2019

French Stilt Angels Adelaide, Corporate Staff Christmas Party

Our gorgeous French inspired Stilt Angels in Adelaide, wowed the staff at a corporate Christmas party in Adelaide tonight. With vintage and French renaissance inspired costumes, the addition of stunning lights as the evening moved on added to the wow factor of these incredible Slack Taxi roving designs.

08 May 2015

Soccer Stilt Walkers – A League finals, Adelaide, Sydney

Soccer Stilt Walkers provide plenty of fun & impact for crowds coming into A League finals around the country. Here they are in Adelaide on May 1st and others are in Sydney on May 9th.

23 Jan 2015

Comedy Stilt Chefs

Meet our latest Slack Taxi stilt walker characters –  comedy Stilt Chefs for food & wine festivals, corporate events and more! With hats resembling huge cupcakes complete with a cherry on top, these culinary experts will have your audiences eating out of their hands. The Chef stilt walkers are as charming as they are ridiculous. Two... (more)

06 Jan 2015

Stilt Cricketers

  Our Slack Taxi Stilt Cricketers are fantastic and great for all kinds of events. They have been booked during the Cricket World Cup with a fantastic response from crowds. In meticulously detailed costumes our roving stilt cricketers are ready to open at your next sporting, summer, circus or Australian themed event. With more than a little of the usual cricket... (more)

15 Dec 2014

Stilt Ballerinas

Spectacular Adelaide comedy stilt walkers in amazing costumes.The Ballerinas make sure your audience are enjoying themselves and don’t mind the odd photo or two either! Unique roving entertainment they are true fashionistas – just don’t tell them they are a little large …. Perfect for corporate cocktail parties, festivals, shopping centres & parades.  They have toured throughout... (more)

29 Nov 2014

Glimmer Stilts – roving

Shimmering roving Perth stilt walkers, “Glimmer” brings sophisticated elegance, shine and light to any event. Two stilt walkers move through the crowd and mesmerise all as they glide by. The costumes also have pinpoint light that can be shone on each other to create the Glitter ball effect. Glimmer is suited to themed events, winter wonderlands, parties and... (more)

29 Nov 2014

Seaside Stilt walkers

Ahoy! Perth Seaside Stilt walkers bring fun and energy to your event. Whether it’s a beach, swimming or general family event, bring the freshness of the sea & the heart of the land to any function with these fantastic interactive artists. Towering above the crowds the Seaside Sailor Girls are performed by some of Perth’s... (more)

29 Nov 2014

Flame Stilt walkers

Red hot and stunning the Flame Stilt Walkers from Perth can rove at your event as a solo, duo or even with the addition of an accordion player. Interactive and exciting the Flames are perfect roving entertainment for those wanting bright and bold colours with a touch of the ancient & regal. Performed by leading Perth circus... (more)

29 Nov 2014

Sweet & Spice stilt walkers

Timeless and incredibly artistic are Sweet & Spice, our two French inspired stilt walkers.  Designed and created by Jen Martin, director of Slack Taxi and leading Adelaide costume maker Seana O’Brien. Gorgeous stilt performers for all kinds of  events – now with lights! Plus with optional vintage lace style wings they are fairies or angels... (more)

08 Oct 2014

Stilt Flowers

The stilt flowers are now based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane! The Flowers are some of the most popular roving stilt characters  performed by leading circus and dance performers. Great for a huge range of events including corporate events, spring and family festivals, international parades, and more. Stilt Tulips and Fuschias are colourful, glittery and... (more)