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08 May 2015

Soccer Stilt Walkers – A League finals, Adelaide, Sydney

Soccer Stilt Walkers provide plenty of fun & impact for crowds coming into A League finals around the country. Here they are in Adelaide on May 1st and others are in Sydney on May 9th.

12 Jan 2015

Soccer Roving Entertainment, Asian Cup, Jan 2015


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As the fans pour into stadiums around the country over the next few weeks Slack Taxi is providing roving soccer performers prior to the games in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and Brisbane. Entertainment can be themed to specific sporting events. Here it includes circus jugglers dressed as soccer players  juggling soccer balls, and Acrobatic Bouncers doing rolls, flips and comedy... (more)

05 Nov 2014

Street Soccer Cages

Street Soccer cages (& operator) otherwise known as panna football are available for events. Imagine a mini soccer field in the centre of your exhibition, function, festival or party –  this is Panna Football. Comes with an operator and can also include demonstrations/assistance in learning some great soccer tricks. Melbourne & Sydney based and with soccer... (more)

05 Nov 2014

Soccer Tricks

Great sporting act in great demand for any event interested in soccer. Presenting Australian soccer trick performers – this group have professional and semi professional performers skilled in a range of exciting football (soccer) tricks and freestyle stunts. Various performers are based around the country, the professionals mainly in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and MC in Melbourne.... (more)