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15 Feb 2024

Audrey & Audrey

From the same quirky minds as the creator of Madame Bonbon and Nobby, are Audrey and Audrey. They are from the UK and are there for much of the year. When they are in Australia (which is in the summer/autumn) they are based in QLD but travel around the country. And so they are available... (more)

13 Nov 2023

Stilt Christmas Beetles

Based in Sydney and Melbourne  – a stunning new Christmas Stilt Act! Sweet-as-candy Christmas Beetles dazzle you with silly-season glamour, bendy shapes and quirky smiles. As sculptural meet-and-greet (4 legs) or twirling up the dance floor (2 legs). Illuminated for magical evenings or bold&bright for daytimes! The Christmas Beetles are available in 3 configurations: With... (more)

04 May 2023

Stilt Anabuloos

The Stilt Anabuloos are an adorable roving duo or trio based in Melbourne. Super cute Anabuloo stiltwalkers are giant, bright fluffy toys. Great for adults aged 5 and up! Bending your mind with cool moves they look epic under neon lighting. Contact Jen to check availability and fee Image Gallery:  

04 May 2023

Madame Bonbon & Nobby

From the minds of two amazing UK actors we have Madame Bonbon and Nobby, an absurd duo straight out of left field taking street theatre to mind bending places. When they are in Australia (which is in the summer/autumn) they are based mainly in QLD but travel around the country. They are available in many... (more)

13 Apr 2022

Golden Blossoms & Silver Butterflies – Stilts

Stunning stilts designs, Blossoms and Butterflies in elegant Gold or Silver for corporate events and festivals. Gorgeous Blossom stilt walkers in sumptuous tones of gold & dusky pink. Subtle & glamorous. Available in Sydney and Melbourne. Or Silver Butterfly stilt walkers glitter like frost on a winters lawn. Elegant & subtle, like a delicate gossamer... (more)

13 Apr 2022

Champagne Flowers on Stilts

For your special event, the beautiful Champagne Flowers on Stilts are based in Sydney and Melbourne. Elegant and oh-so-shiny these gorgeous dancers twirl like the bubbling of champagne at your favourite party, cool and golden. Stunning for corporate and festival events. Have toured to a major international events as seen in Hong Kong in the... (more)

28 Jun 2021

Stilt Bees

Wonderful Stilt Bees with moving wings will dance and flutter past your crowds! Based in Melbourne and performed by very experienced stilt walkers who have performed art major events world-wide with many amazing designs. The Stilt Bees are on 1 metre or higher stilts and create an amazing spectacle at festivals, parades, family days, agricultural... (more)

27 May 2021

Comedy 2 Headed Horse

Looking for an exotic & fun pet!? Look no further than the comedy “PushMePullYou” Two Headed Horse! The PushmePullyou is literally a walking debate. With two beautiful heads, there are always two points of view, and two different directions to go in, and two different mindsets, and two stubborn wills. Watch this delightful creature find... (more)

27 May 2021

Hilarious Sniffer Dogs

Based in Melbourne, the Sniffer Dogs are ideal for any festival. A pair of official hounds out and about in search of unusual smells. Unreal security they have people screaming with laughter. Hilarious! ““The outrageous dogs … terrorised and delighted our festival crowds. They were an undoubted hit of the festival. ..with their generous and... (more)

07 May 2021

Old World Comedy Fortune Teller & Son

Based in Melbourne and direct from the deep heart of the Balkan mountains, one of the Kransky Sisters brings you a mother and son team of professional personal service renderers waiting to render services for you. “Your wish is our 70 cents”. Dark Comedy at its best! ​Be amazed, intrigued, bewildered…, as you step into... (more)

14 Apr 2021

Magician & Raconteur

From Dallas Texas, and now based in Melbourne, this performer has been a professional entertainer of over twenty years. That’s right! All the way from Dallas Texas he is bringing his show to your event or festival. You will be amazed at the sleight-of-hand and trickery that this Old West Con-Man performs right in front... (more)

19 Feb 2021

Giant Easter Bunny

Easter Bunnies don’t get any bigger or better than this very funny Giant Easter Bunny on stilts! If you want to pull a rabbit out of a hat for your Easter event, the Giant Easter Bunnies are just what you’re looking for. They’re visually amazing! These rascally rabbits have big personalities. People will flock for... (more)