Comedy 2 Headed Horse


Looking for an exotic & fun pet!? Look no further than the comedy “PushMePullYou” Two Headed Horse!

The PushmePullyou is literally a walking debate. With two beautiful heads, there are always two points of view, and two different directions to go in, and two different mindsets, and two stubborn wills. Watch this delightful creature find a way to amicably negotiate its way through life.

“There are some street entertainers who could put on a plastic bin bag and still entertain better than most… Once again they have created a pair of characters, with appropriately aft costumes, who you cannot fail to fall in love and who will never fail to entertain…”
— Stewart Collins, Henley Festival

“Your ability to … make the night look so professional astounds me, you leave me in complete awe. You helped make the evening a sensation, thank you.”
— Julia Arthur, Grimsby & Scunthorpe Newspapers

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