Old World Comedy Fortune Teller & Son


Based in Melbourne and direct from the deep heart of the Balkan mountains, one of the Kransky Sisters brings you a mother and son team of professional personal service renderers waiting to render services for you. “Your wish is our 70 cents”.
Dark Comedy at its best!

​Be amazed, intrigued, bewildered…, as you step into their tent offering psychic services, personal beauty care, handcrafted charms and more. These uncanny outcasts may look like fakes, but they are the real thing.

“You may laugh for an extra cost of 15 cents.”

​Installation – the act can operate from inside a 3 sided tent, which individuals or small groups enter to have their encounter with the mother, while her son tends to those watching and waiting outside.

Roving – mother and son go forth carrying the tools of their trade, (well the son does the carrying, the mother simply goes forth) to impart their special psychic wisdom on the unsuspecting patrons. The pair can either roam through the site interacting with the public as they go, or take a table and chairs and set up in different places, for a more one on one audience experience.

Great for many events looking for an all ages unique comedy act that is an installation or roving; particularly good for Halloween functions and events.

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