Christmas Candy Canes


Towering up to 3.6 metres tall, the impressive Giant Candy Canes delight audiences of all ages. Great Christmas characters from Sydney and Melbourne.

The very sight of these Candy Canes spread Christmas cheer and their playful nature thoroughly engages the audience and leaves them with a sugar high!

The Giant Candy Cane duos are made up of one performer on stilts at 3.6m tall and one ground based Candy Cane at 2.5m tall. We find that this is the best combination for a massive spectacle and high energy performance.

They bop people with their giant, inflatable candy cane hooks to give them a sugar hit! The Candy Canes are full of energy and very playful..

The Candy Canes can perform both indoors and outdoors; from shopping centres to parks and gardens.

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