Vintage Angels/ Fairy stilt walkers


Timeless and incredibly artistic are our two new French inspired Vintage Angels, Clowns or Fairy stilt walkers, Sweet & Spice. 

Gorgeous stilt performers for all kinds of  events – now with lights! Plus with gorgeous new vintage lace style wings and added LED lights,  and they are fairies or angels for Christmas! 

Based in Adelaide and able to transport anywhere.

Unique stilt costumes unique to Slack Taxi with a touch of the French renaissance, our talented stilt walkers bring flair, colour and comedy to your event.

Other costumes and characters designed by Slack Taxi that are similar to the Angels are our fabulous Stilt Chefs, Cricketers, Vintage Swimmers Ballerinas, and Footballers!

Or our other Christmas duo of Bingle Bells! Amazing designs on Stilts or Unicycle depending on the surface and availability.

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