Stilt Footballers All Codes


Be it Soccer, Aussie Rules, League or Rugby, Men’s or Women’s game, our oversized footballers can be themed to your code and team. Also able to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions with masks and appropriate distancing if needed.

Perfect pre-match entertainment, our specialised designs look fantastic.  These giant stilt characters a great focus for people going into a stadium, or at any sporting event wanting that extra entertainment.

With the addition of comical banter and juggling by some performers, they keep everyone smiling and laughing.

If you would like them to rove inside the stadium or at a corporate dinner, we can do that. The stilt walkers are very mobile, can bend through doorways and work a room with ease.

We have a base in Adelaide, but we also have performers around the country to freight equipment and costumes to, or similar acts.

We have plenty of sporting characters if you would like variety with stilt cricketers, soccer freestylers, circus sports stars including acrobats & jugglers, Soccer or Basketball spinners, and our amazing and original Acrobatic Bouncers!

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