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17 Nov 2019

Roving Stilt Bugs and Bees, Kirrawee Shopping Centre, NSW

For two days the Stilt Lady Bugs, and their other act, Stilt Bees have been roving at Kirrawee Shopping Centre in NSW (just south of Sydney) for their 1st birthday celebrations.

02 Nov 2019

Stilt Lady Bugs at Tuggerah Super Centre

The ever popular Stilt Lady Bugs were roving at Tuggerah Super Centre this morning. (pictured at another event)

07 Sep 2019

Stilt Footballers, Giants Game, Sydney

The hilarious Stilt Footballers from the range of Sporting Legends were perfectly matched as Giants” “players” at the GWS Giants Game on Saturday. Pre game entertainment on bouncing stilts to ensure a great night out for everyone! (photo not at this event – they dress in the tops of the team that books them 🙂... (more)