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01 Dec 2019

Roving Unicycle & Stilt Clown, Launch Community Hub, Salisbury, Adelaide

And the fun continues at the launch of the new Community Hub in Salisbury, with a roving unicycle and stilt Funky Clown adding to the entertainment today. Crowds flowed through the new venue checking out the facilities and loving all the festivities.

29 Nov 2014

Sugarplum – roving stilts

Sugarplum is a comedy roving stilt walker ballerina, based near Brisbane. Great for festivals and all kinds of family events. Sugarplum’s comedy character is an over-indulged prima-donna ballerina who loves nothing more than to pirouette on point! Her mum lives vicariously through her and has big plans for a ballet career. She will happily tell you all about it while you... (more)

29 Nov 2014

Lolka – Stilt Mime

Lolka is a gorgeous 2.5 metre stilt mime performer based near Brisbane. She is a stunning wind up doll with a very human heart. Lolka moves and dances to the whims of Madame Zhou, her overbearing and eccentric inventor. Hoping to escape and find love, Lolka reaches out to the audience for a potential rescuer This... (more)