Speaking Lampposts


“Live Entertainment” installation. The SPEAKING LAMPPOSTS are as hilarious as they are original.

Picture two beautiful European influenced Lampposts on the side of the road or on a park pathway, as you stroll past you think “Gee that’s a handsome light post” then out of nowhere it speaks to you.

At first you think that you are hearing things, but then you realise that you are wearing a red shirt and it is saying “hey you in the red shirt.” Feeling a tiny bit like you are on candid camera, you turn and sheepishly answer “Yeees.”

That is just the beginning of the live entertainment as Lamppost David and Lamppost Victoria, begin to interact with and perform for the ever growing crowd that gathers at a distance to watch the quick witted and highly interactive talking Lampposts have a barrel of laughs while surprising and playing around with the public.

The lampposts sing and play music and make a lot of comments about the passing people, as well as laying out the secrets of their own relationships.

The lampposts are hysterical, they push the boundaries of social convention and the improvisation that takes place is skilled and impressive. If you want something left of centre, new and inspiring for your festival or event, try the Lampposts; you really won’t be disappointed.

The Lampposts are two metal objects that are stationary and require no power. They run from batteries so no cables!

They are operated remotely by two actors who are situated so as to be able to see all the same passing traffic. The actors are disguised as normal people. The Lampposts have two way speakers and microphones in them so the actors can talk and hear what is going on around them. They are also able to play pre-recorded music and sound effects and have interactive light features, knobs and buttons that can be played with when invited.

It is a blast, fun, unexpected and highly original live entertainment.

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  1. Mark Reply

    March 13, 2019 at 8:08 pm

    How much for a weekend of talking lamppost

  2. Jen Martin Reply

    March 14, 2019 at 10:18 am

    Hi Mark – thanks for your interest in the Lampposts – it really depends where you are, the dates, and how long each day you would like the act for (shhhhh … there are wonderful & busy live performers as part of this act), but I will send you an email with rough timings and costs shortly. Cheers Jen

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