Sleep Keepers Roving Family Show


The Sleep Keepers is a beautiful Roving Family Show based in Melbourne.

The Sleep Keepers have watched the world become too busy, too stressful, too frantic, and let sleep go astray. And when sleep goes astray, life gets a little wonky.

From the realm of the deep night, the Sleep Keepers have come with their bed of dreams, to tuck you in and take you for a ride into the world of bedtime stories and lullabies.

Close your eyes and drift away….

Comedy, song, music, story and the gentle art of slumber are woven into this family friendly roving act that travels between a performance for many and a unique experience for one or two. Be invited into the bed on wheels, be sung to, read to, told a tale, and let the Sleep keepers take you on a journey to rest and inspire the weary traveller.

​Suitable for day and night. The mobile bed is illuminated and accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack that creates a playful and mysterious atmosphere wherever it roams.

“It was wonderful to have The Sleep Keepers at Enlighten this year, what a beautiful piece!” Enlighten Festival, Canberra

Technical Requirements:

  1. The Sleepkeepers’ beautiful bed travels dismantled in a van, and requires a backstage area to put it together.
  2. It’s approx 1 metre wide x 2 metres long, and 2.7 metres high with the canopy up.
  3. For overnight storage, the canopy can be taken off, and the height brought down to2.1 metres, or further down again to 1.5 metres by taking the poles off as well (the less dismantling the better however).
  4. Parking for a van at the site is required.
  5. If a dressing room is not large enough, and it is a 1 day event, a tarpaulin can be brought to cover the bed during breaks.

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