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An amazingly skilled mime artist & puppeteer with a big vaudeville bag of tricks! Based in Melbourne.

This performer has been performing professionally for 2 decades both in Australia and abroad (festivals, circus, stage and street). The acts he presents are slightly left of field compared to many of the traditional puppetry/vaudeville/circus acts currently on offer in the variety/circus scene. That being said, they still very much fit seamlessly into these worlds in regards to style, concept and aesthetics.

His work can be adapted to many varied environments/stage layouts and is also designed to be fairly self-sufficient tech wise (no major sound/lighting cues and minimal setup time).

He can “rove” or do short shows, or piece all his acts together in one longer show.

Here are the main acts:

Act 1:  The Flying Flea
A classic sideshow flea circus routine involving elements of mime, magic and a real life mini flea canon! This particular piece opened the first ever World Sideshow Festival here in Australia.
Duration: 6-10 minutes

Act 2: Skeleton Marionette Puppet
A singing and dancing skeleton marionette that performs ol’ time song/dance routines on a mini fold out stage. This act was personally invited to perform as a support act for Neil Gaiman’s (Award winning author) and Amanda Palmer’s (Award winning musician), most recent Melbourne performance.
Duration: 5 minute stage act OR 45 minute static roving spots

Act 3: Musical Saw
Popular songs played on the musical saw mixed with a hint of vaudeville inspired clowning. Song choices range from classical pieces like Por Una Cabeza (a traditional spanish tango), to more modern numbers like Guns and Roses – Sweet Child of Mine. Act came 3rd place on Australia’s got Talent 2009.
Duration: 5 minute stage act OR 30 minute static roving spots

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  1. captain mission Reply

    December 17, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    saw you sunday, absolutely brilliant, more please.

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