Magic Show & Close-up


More and more events are looking to Magic Shows and Close-up Magic to entertain their seated guests.

Combining close-up magic and interaction will help welcome guests and allow everyone to get to know each other better. These are illusions performed right up close, allowing guests to take with them a memory of the evening they will never forget so that your party or company’s name.

If you’ve ever had a friend excitedly share a magic video with you then you’ll know how much magic will get people talking. Now instead of a video, the magic will be right there AT YOUR EVENT!

The magician enters and says hello, then starts to share with them some magic and suddenly everyone is talking and laughing.  The mood created is a party-atmosphere.

People remember how your event made them feel. And this magician can make your guests feel great!

Want a magic show? No problem – he can provide that too.

His comedy magic show is a combination of stand-up comedy, magic and plenty of audience participation. He has performed the show for companies such as, Sit-Down Comedy Club, Albion Comedy Club, the Laugh Lab Comedy Club, McCullough Robertson Lawyers, the Australian Counselling Association, St. George Bank, Queensland Government, Griffith University, Bond University, The University of Queensland and many others.

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