Lord Meow & Lady Kitty


Introducing Lady Kitty and Lord Meow, or for French Themed events they are Monsieur and Madame Meow!

2020 and 2021 brought them from a Wonderland like parallel universe to cheer us all up! These two loveable characters are complete with their bikes, cosy cats and puppies (some in their hats!) and even a bird.

Perfect for Wonderland and nature themes, winter and French themes as well as the festive season!

With lights in Madame’s headpiece, all events will sparkle with this duo!

Larger than life in every way, this timeless storybook duo will delight and amuse as they charm their way through the day … and with the occasional light squabble! Their sleeping felines are well appointed on a comfy bustle or inside the top hat & headpiece …. so quiet & cosy that sometimes the slightly self absorbed characters forget they are there!

Travelling on wheels is an optional extra … they are surely from a magical world!

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