Lipstick Rollers – roving skates


Dedicated to Rockin and a rollin,  “the lipstick rollers ” are a great roving roller skate act, whipping up a riotous rock n roll storm . Cheeky and infectious. Based in Perth.

Suitable for rock and roll events, 50s themes, promotions , love themes or open days and orientation weeks at universities.

Warning… Smiling is highly contagious!

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  1. Hazel Reply

    January 11, 2016 at 5:24 pm


    My name is Hazel – I am the project manager of Perth’s first river side pop-up roller rink The Urban Roller Club –

    I just came across you guys whilst searching for a completely unrelated product 😀 The Urban Roller Club is a part of the new Fringe WORLD venue – Fringe WORLD Fairground.

    We would love to have a chat to you about potentially performing at our opening, January 29th, which is also the grand opening of Elizabeth Quay.

    Please give me a call on 0439585103 to discuss.

    Best wishes,


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