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With more than 10 years professional experience, Ben is one of Australia’s most creative and innovative jugglers, comic circus performers, and has a great solo circus show.

Based near Sydney, Ben’s ability to combine high level circus skills and absurd humour creates a highly entertaining artist. His acts can cater to any audience, he is a fantastic variety performer, can be family friendly and include loads of fun audience participation.

An amazing juggler, Ben’s festival show culminates with him performing dangerous stunts balanced atop a 2 metre tall free standing ladder!  Or he can do his incredible Chef show with amazing mouth juggling!

With a strong emphasis on physical comedy, he has the ability to entertain any audience – regardless of age or language and is comfortable performing with or without speaking.  This ability has seen him perform as a feature artist in 27 countries around the world including Jordan, Poland, Korea, China, Croatia, Singapore, UAE, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

Ben is a graduate of NICA (National Institute of Circus Arts): Australia’s only full time Circus degree program.  This was followed by 3 months of intensive training at the Beijing International Arts School in China.  He is an award winning performer and truly world class!

Promotional video:

Here is video filmed in Kuwait:

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