Giant Snail Puppets


Amazing Giant Snail Puppets with music, moving parts, and some special effects!

Based in Melbourne they have performed at many events around Australia and are able to travel.

The snails come with their own musical score, have lots of moving body parts, and leave a watery snail trail.

Harnessed and ridden by a pair of woodland imps, the giant hairy snails slime their way along streets, malls and parklands to the amazement of onlookers and passers-by alike. Bewildered to find themselves in our world, and by our strange ways, these mythical creatures are nevertheless always friendly, like to be patted (the snails that is!) and love a photo opportunity.

They’re also hoping to find someone to show them the way home.

Roving performance, non verbal
30 min sets, 1 or 2 performers and snails

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