Comedy Mask Characters


These Brisbane based Comedy Mask Characters are a suite of full face non-verbal mask theatre acts that connect directly to the heart. Just add “DON’T” to some of the signs of the lollipop characters and you have a perfect act to help with COVID-19 restrictions!

This accessible, inclusive, magical roving theatre is sensitive to its audiences. Based in Brisbane.

And now with a new family of mask characters just for Christmas as seen here!

Highly visual, interactive, non-intrusive and non-language dependent, this unique form of roving theatre transcends barriers of age, language and culture.

Performed by an ensemble of 7 internationally renowned and critically acclaimed Australian physical theatre performers from Brisbane,  the comedy Mask chanracters are brilliantly realised, utilising many decades of live performance experience.

These Mask Acts are available separately or in combination and work most effectively as a trio.

Available now, throughout Australia & New Zealand, for Festivals, Shopping Centres, Product Launches, Parades, Nightclubs and Corporate Events – or any other occasion.

All of The Mask characters are highly adaptable to suit a broad range of events. They are highly versatile and completely adjustable to your specific needs. We will happily customise the acts to suit your particular event requirements.

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