Circus & Comedy Time Wasters!


Usually this performer is based in the United Kingdom, but when in Australia he is based in the Illawarra region. An exceptional solo circus and comedy performer with collection of feats that form Circus and other Time Wasters!

His shows will excite and delight, having devoted copious amounts of time throughout his life, mastering tricks and skills that are guaranteed to enthral and entertain. This show will take you from juggling and balance to cartoon-esque physical comedy and big circus stunts. Finishing with the Worlds Biggest Opera Singer on a unicycle!

Stage- 50min Full Show, 20min Highlights


See him perform the loudest silent show you may ever see – this is an outdoor show for festival crowds! A delightful mix of high energy, cartoon-esque physical comedy and circus stunts. All set to a jazzy electro swing sound track! Using his amazing hand and eye coordination and over the top facials, he takes you on a not-so-silent journey with slick skills and sensational silliness, finishing on top of a giant unicycle. Perfect for street festivals, agricultural shows and more!

Street- 40min


Difficult or Unnecessary

A gentleman juggler takes you through the difficult and unnecessary aspects of juggling and circus. Packed full of circus tricks and comedy, this act is the ‘Choose your Own’ ending of the cabaret scene, where the audience decides whether they want something Difficult or something completely Unnecessary. 5 Club Juggling, Double Diabolos even one-hand tie tying whilst spinning a pillow… this act has it all.

7-10 Min

Great for Corporate events!!

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