Big Blue Pole Show


Based near Adelaide is a fantastic circus performer with his unique show for outdoor events – the Big Blue Pole Show.

Beginning his career as a street magician at the age of 16, and now with stage name Malachi Frost, he quickly discovered he had the ability to entertain and engage complete strangers, and drag them into his world with one liners and a cheeky grin.

Street theatre gave Malachi the opportunity to explore and develop a wide array of different performance genres, including circus, comedy and eventually sideshow.

Showcasing world-class sideshow skills, Malachi has since performed for large corporate events, intimate cabaret lounges and international festivals. Entertaining crowds of all ages and sizes, Malachi’s shows have always left the audience surprised, entranced and amused.

Malachi currently has three street shows designed for different sized areas, all are high energy, fun and family friendly shows.

-A full length 45 minute, elevated in-the-round show – The Big Blue Pole Show has a 10ft pole, including one-of-a-kind flyswatter swallow and knife juggling. (there are minimum space requirements for this show and it is perfect for large audiences)

-A 55 minute length, large ground level show. Comedic show including juggling and straight jacket/chain escape finale.

-A 20 minute juggling and rollabolla balance act with a sword swallow (or flyswatter) finale.

Shows can be adapted for audience and location, including fire routines, knife juggling and sword or prop swallowing.

His motto: “To always make the world smile, by any means necessary.”

Malachi is the class clown, who never grew up.

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