Basketball Freestyler Shows


Based in Adelaide we have a sensational Basketball Freestyler who has performed worldwide and with the 360 All-Stars – he now specialises in short corporate shows.

Originally from Belgium, this performer is renowned for his innovative freestyle basketball routines and flawless performances.

He has performed at major sports events and corporate events throughout Europe; has worked for organisations like the NBA, 2K Sports, FIBA, NBL & Molten.

His shows include:

Soul with a capital S

“A high energy show displaying skills with up to 5 basketballs to the beat of soulful rhythms.”

Act duration: 4mins 30secs

The Man with the Ball

“Stepping to the tune of the interbellum, an unsuspecting passerby discovers a suitcase in the street, containing a ball which seemingly has a will of its own. The ball and its friends gang up on the man as he struggles to fend them off.”

Act duration: 8mins

The Netball Freestyler

“He has applied his incredible ball-handling to the sport of netball, making him the only netball freestyler in the world. This one-of-a-kind act will surely leave audiences amazed and is the perfect fit for any netball event.”

Act duration: 4mins 30secs

On-site Requirements:

– At least 5m by 5m of stage, preferably solid enough to provide sufficient bounce for the basketballs.

– 20 minutes tech run prior to the event to:

* Check the stage for the right spot to bounce

* Check lighting to see if it doesn’t obstruct sight while performing

* Speak to the sound technician to discuss when to cue  music

– Ceiling above stage no lower than 4m

– A room to change/warm up in



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