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19 Oct 2021

Quiz & Cabaret Show!

Fantastic idea new to Perth, WA regions, and Australia wide!  It’s a quiz and a cabaret … it’s Quizaret!!!  …and it’s a whole new way to be entertained. Perfect for office parties, bespoke events, Christmas, New Years and special occasions, parties, conferences, team building and fundraisers. Give your team or crowd a unique and inclusive... (more)

11 May 2021

The Bard, Acrobatic Show

The Bard is a fast paced acrobatic and fun show created by one of Australia’s top circus performers, based in Perth, Western Australia. Recently The Bard performed to an enthusiastic crowd at Up Late Cabaret for the 2022 Perth Fringe. Whether it is eating an apple while doing a hand stand, balancing an apple on... (more)

30 Apr 2021

Circus Surfer Show

A fantastic Perth based circus performer, he has created his unique surfer themed circus show to suit all audiences, from festivals to corporate events, to agricultural shows and cabarets! Starting his physical theatre training at “Annie Stainers School of Physical Theatre” in Mosman Park, Western Australia, this performer went on to train, perform and then... (more)

19 Jan 2021

Acrobatic Show

Nat is a top circus performer who has performed with the likes of Circus Oz. Here we have his own solo Acrobatic Show that he has been performing internationally for many years – The Heaps Good Show! Nat is now based in Perth. Seen here as a street show, Nat is just as comfortable and... (more)

13 May 2020

GIANT Chocolate Making – BIG Chocolate Freckles!

Created for Shopping Centres, the Chocolate Jazzie Making Workshops are a great activity as the country re-opens for business with COVID-19 restrictions.

13 Mar 2018

Floating Astronaut – high tech!

The Floating Astronaut is an intriguing “roving” high tech installation or living statue for events and festivals. Based in Perth, Australia. We have lift off!…A new and unique floating interactive living statue. A lovingly constructed space replica that defies gravity. Created in 2018 in Fremantle WA and performed in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and at the... (more)

07 Aug 2015

Lipstick Rollers – roving skates

Dedicated to Rockin and a rollin,  “the lipstick rollers ” are a great roving roller skate act, whipping up a riotous rock n roll storm . Cheeky and infectious. Based in Perth. Suitable for rock and roll events, 50s themes, promotions , love themes or open days and orientation weeks at universities. Warning… Smiling is highly contagious!... (more)

12 May 2015

Shrinking Violets – stilts & musicians

The Shrinking Violets are the “Queens of Kitsch”! Spectacular flower themed roving stilt walkers or musicians based in Perth!Draped head to toe in floral attire these characters are a flurry of colour and vitality . Be it dancing to all flower inspired music, engaging with the public or generally creating cheerful mayhem where ever they roam.The... (more)

05 Mar 2015

Circus Sports Stars

Fun sports themed roving circus performers, the Circus Sports Stars include world class jugglers, acrobats, hula hoopers, & unicyclists for major sporting events or sporting functions around Australia. Can also be themed as players in team tops provided by the event, or as umpires! Great for getting crowds in the spirit of an event. Lots... (more)

29 Nov 2014

Glimmer Stilts – roving

Shimmering roving Perth stilt walkers, “Glimmer” brings sophisticated elegance, shine and light to any event. Two stilt walkers move through the crowd and mesmerise all as they glide by. The costumes also have pinpoint light that can be shone on each other to create the Glitter ball effect. Glimmer is suited to themed events, winter wonderlands, parties and... (more)

29 Nov 2014

Sailor Circus Gals

From Perth, the Sailor Circus Gals are as refreshing as the sea breeze itself! It’s a fine display of hula-hoops, lasso rope tricks, diabolo, acro-balance, juggling and dance all to the swinging tunes of the accordion. Performed by 4 multi-talented, seasoned performers, Sailor Circus Gals joins the forces of circus and music, roving or show.... (more)

29 Nov 2014

Roving Musicians – The Hepburns

The Hepburns are incredibly accomplished Perth based roving musicians. With a “My Fair Lady” theme, three very ordinary girls present themselves as fine eloquent ladies through physical theatre, comedy and music as they glide through the crowds on double bass, accordion & vocals. Fun, cheeky, interactive roving musical comedy suitable for all ages & events. If it is... (more)