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29 Nov 2014

Seaside Stilt walkers

Ahoy! Perth Seaside Stilt walkers bring fun and energy to your event. Whether it’s a beach, swimming or general family event, bring the freshness of the sea & the heart of the land to any function with these fantastic interactive artists. Towering above the crowds the Seaside Sailor Girls are performed by some of Perth’s... (more)

07 Oct 2014

Roving Giant Seagulls

‘Mine! Mine! Mine!’ Do this lot ever shut up? The comedy roving GIANT SEAGULLS know what they want — and they’re not afraid to ask. Based in Sydney and Melbourne this incredibly popular & hilarious act is booked at all kinds of events nationally and internationally. Great for beach, pool, swimming, picnic themed events. Totally... (more)

07 Oct 2014

Roving Stilt Life Savers

Sharks beware! BEACH PATROL LifeSavers are ready to rescue. Hilarious roving Stilt Life Savers based in Sydney and Melbourne keep any event alive! Be dazzled by their daring drills! You’ll need CPR after these moustachioed musclemen have bared their biceps while diverting danger. Swim outside the flags at your own peril. Roving on specialised bouncing stilts... (more)