TV Head Giant Puppets


The latest of our original & amazing Giant Puppets, are the TV Heads or “Dream Police”, amazing Slack Taxi designs for roving or wandering performances at Australian and international events.

Based in Adelaide they have been developed over a number of years with the assistance of funding from Arts SA & are economical to transport interstate or overseas. Other Giant Puppets created by Slack Taxi are larger and less transportable, but are very spectacular as well.

Artistic & surprising, the TV Head Dream Police are stunning puppets with technology, innovative design & performance. With fun interaction they speak, smile, wink, laugh or cry; they even sing.  What’s for certain is they will delight your audiences!

The TV Head Giant Puppets are a roving performance and requirements are minimal:

  • 3.5metre height clearance and 1.5 metres wide
  • power for charging batteries
  • provision for one puppeteer and crew person per puppet
  • when transporting around Australia or overseas each TV Head Puppet packs into 4 large suitcases and can travel as excess luggage with 2 personnel per puppet.


  • Original concept, direction – Jen Martin
  • Software development – Neil Jensen
  • Design prototype (structure) – Ninian Donald
  • Design & build final structures – Mark Timberlake
  • Face filming, design footage – Tim Standing/Daylight Breaks
  • Faces & voices – Jo Zealand & Emma Harper

The TV Head Puppets have been created with financial assistance from Arts SA, the South Australian Government Arts Funding body.

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