Roving Robot – Tubby


Presenting a walking, talking, roving robot from Melbourne that is a fully-voiced and interactive big-suit character called Tubby, remarkably versatile and suited to all types of events. He will tailor his interaction according to the event and has over 2 decades of experience.

He is lovable, interactive and very popular with all ages. In performance, Tubby is affirming, empowering and inspires people to play.

The Robot is available in a range of roving options to suit different types of events and audiences. Each roving performance is actively managed by a chaperone to ensure safety, and the performer is fully insured.

Solo Robot: visually spectacular and delightfully intimate at once, the original solo robot attracts loads of attention wherever he goes. The way Tubby talks and interacts with the audience really sets him apart from other character acts.

With Baby Robot in Pram: out for a walk with his baby, “L’il Tub”, who rides in a restored 1960’s nanny’s pram.

On board his Electro-Scooter: Huge impact! Tubby’s twice the size on board his Electro-Scooter and has a massive range suitable for the largest venues.

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