The Bard, Themed Acrobatic Show


With a medieval or highland theme, The Bard is a fast paced acrobatic and fun show created by one of Australia’s top circus performers, who is now based in Perth, Western Australia.

Whether it is eating an apple while doing a hand stand, balancing an apple on an arrow on his head, or jumping off a ladder backwards and through a fire hoop (!), this performer is amazing and fun at the same time.

He has performed with Circus Oz in the past and has travelled far and wide with various performances he can offer. The Bard is his newest character and he can adjust the theme to fit many styles of bookings.

Great for Festivals, Corporate events, Agricultural & Trade Shows, Weddings and more!

His skills and the elements he incorporates are very similar to his standard Acrobatic Show here with some thematic changes to suit a broader range of events!

And he is one of our key Acrobatic Bouncers as seen here, if you would like an incredible roving act!

A lot of versatility on offer!!

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