Sydney Ukulele Man & Jazz


If you are needing a Ukulele player, we have just the artist who will delight you with his talents. Slide is a leading Sydney muso with ukulele, versatility and personality!

If it’s a private party, he will have everyone smiling.
If it’s a pub gig, he will have everyone thirsty.
If it’s a wedding ceremony, the music will have people dancing in the aisles before the father of the bride arrives with the main attraction.

There’s something about the ukulele that puts a smile on people’s faces!

You can hire our Sydney Ukulele Man as a solo performer or with a duo/band. He can also play trumpet or trombone! We can let you know a multitude of combinations of duo and trio musicians. Just ask!

Also …. want to know 3 reasons why to hire a ukulele player/singer rather than guitar player/singer?

1. Ukulele is lighter sound than guitar – Live music is often instigated to create ‘vibe’. People are always listening, but in many instances it’s part of an overall atmosphere that is being created. Ultimately, your guests want to be able to talk and comfortably hold a conversation. The sound of the ukulele is lighter than that of a guitar, and hence can be less obtrusive in the early part of function when people want to talk to each other.

2. Hiring a ukulele player is far more original than hiring a guitar player. Why not try something a little different? Your guests/patrons will have a double take when they see the guy playing a little ‘baby-guitar’.

3. Ukulele is much more “fun” than guitar – maybe it’s the lighter sound, maybe it’s the appearance or maybe it’s the tonal quality of the instrument, but the ukulele has that unique ability to make people smile. It’s a happy instrument.

Just contact us  and let us know about your function and requirements and the happiness can begin!

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  1. Blair Reply

    October 12, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    Just after some prices


  2. Richard Petkovic Reply

    June 29, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Hi Jen

    As discussed, the Sydney Sacred Music Festival is looking to run a Ukulele event at Parramatta on 3 Sept between 12-4pm. a few performances and a mass workshop. Wondering if Slide was available for a 20 min slot 1.30pmish and what his fee would be. This is a community event and will feature Cook Island cultural group and few others. thanks richard

    1. Jen Martin Reply

      June 29, 2017 at 2:59 pm

      Hi Richard – thanks very much for the follow up and we have just emailed you availability and a quote. We look forward to discussing further. Thanks, Jen

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