Street Soccer Cages


Street Soccer cages (& operator) otherwise known as panna football are available for events.

Imagine a mini soccer field in the centre of your exhibition, function, festival or party –  this is Panna Football. Comes with an operator and can also include demonstrations/assistance in learning some great soccer tricks.

Melbourne & Sydney based and with soccer trick performers all around the country – even some Aussie champions!

Available for hire is an octagonal cage to fit is a space 5metres x 5 metres, with an operator. Ideal for events that want an interactive installation for their audiences to come along and try street soccer.

PLUS – if you would like a demonstration players can also be booked.

Street Soccer or Panna Football is a game played by 1 player vs 1 player in an octagonal cage over 3 minutes. It can be played by players of all ages and abilities.

You can win the game by scoring the most goals in the time allowed or the ultimate aim is to ‘Panna’ your opponent by playing the ball through his legs and retrieving back the other side. This wins the game no matter the score.

Its fast, fun & exciting to both play and watch.

Based in Melbourne and Sydney and able to transport.

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