World Class Juggler/Comedy/Circus


With a ferocious energy & endearing, charismatic wit, this artist is a true comic genius and one of Australia’s finest jugglers, based in Adelaide.

A multi-awarding winning performer who has been entertaining large and enthusiastic audiences worldwide for over a decade.

The show is a skilled, comic vaudevillian style street/circus act.

This artist is a loveable, charismatic character – a favourite with all audiences. He performs a beautiful three-ball juggle, diabolo, devil-sticking with base bats, one ball manipulation and an eight ball juggle. All this mixed with mad-capped antics and an incredible sense of fun, not to mention a few hat tricks thrown in!

This all culminates with him jumping onto a tall unicycle, where he juggles three baseball bats while balancing a glass of water on his head!

The show can be adapted for either the stage or the street, and depending on your requirements the show can run from 20 to 45 minutes.

He is also available for roving bookings.

This artist tours with his partner and together they have a  Variety Circus Duo Show

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