iPad & Device Magic!


It’s new, it’s amazing, and in demand.

There are not many magicians who can, or have the copyright to do this magic … and you have found it HERE.

Part of an international company and based in Melbourne.

Amazing iPad and Device magic – the latest, coolest, most happening magic acts.

High quality and customised performances are the speciality for product and brand launches, promotions, or just plain entertainment!

…is making profound impressions. We create magical effects with your products, increasing the promotional impact on the targeted customers.

Magic is our weapon of communication. Our magicians anchor your brand into consumers’ minds using emotional and psychological techniques.

Our original interactive concepts and technological approach differentiate your product in a unique way.

The magician convinces, persuades, and creates positive energy about your brand by subtly combining magic and marketing.

We’re excited to be your ally for future success.

Dynamic and funky… The coolest guys of Magic are back !!!”
Jean-Luc Bertrand !

Superbe travail ! C’est frais, original et audacieux, Bravo !” ( translated) “Superb work! It’s fresh, original and bold, Bravo” Sylvain Mirouf

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