Female Duo Acrobatics & Comedy


From Sydney, this very funny female circus duo has a fantastic range of Acrobatic Circus Shows. If necessary, they can be serious too with a skilled display of acro-balance.

One of their hit shows has the two perform as hilarious maids, doing all sorts of amazing tricks.

They have exciting acrobatic skills, combining strength, flexibility, balance, and a lot of cheeky comedy. Your audience is enthralled and in fits of laughter!

The duo can perform a 6min act, 20min or 60min show, or as MC’s for an event or Cabaret.

They have toured nationally and internationally with their shows. One of the performers is also a great soloist and can offer her own 5-10 min acts with hula hoops or aerials, plus they have roving acts too!

Just let us know what interests you!

Here they are doing a tent show at an Australian Festival:

Here they are at Edinburgh Festival in the UK:

Image Gallery:

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