Comedy Horses!


Thoroughbred in both looks and nature, this hilarious roving act has a pair of hybrid Horse people, trotting and cantering through your event, sizing up the racing potential and chatting about the odds with those they encounter at the races. They can also be found chumming it up with their fellow equines on the farm.
Adaptable to any situation, these characters are beautifully eccentric, beautifully created, and are performed by world class performers who tour internationally every year.
Currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
“There are some street entertainers who could put on a plastic bin bag and still entertain better than most, and <these guys> are right up there with them. Once again they have created a pair of characters, with appropriately aft costumes, who you cannot fail to fall in love and who will never fail to entertain…”
— Stewart Collins, Henley Festival, United Kingdom

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