Circus Duo – Popeyed & Son


This Hobart circus duo of extraordinary skill perform a world class acrobatic routine that is awe inspiring in its execution & full of comedy as well.

Suitable for street or stage, floorshows, festivals, corporate, sporting & family events, PopEyed & Son present a superb hand balancing act with a seriously comic angle.

Ridiculously confident, confidently ridiculous, these masters of equilibrium will have you seesawing from gasps of amazement to belly aching laughter.

PopEyed & Son perform a seamless collection of acrobatic stunts with a nonchalance reserved for the extraordinarily skilled. They can also theme & tailor something to your needs.

For their standard show …Technical requirements:

3.6m wide x 2m deep, clear surface. For best sight lines, a 900mm high stage is ideal.
4.5m overhead clearance.
Sound system with CD or Minidisc playback and radio microphone jack.
Lighting – please discuss with us prior to the event.

PopEyed Travel with:

A thin performance mat – 2m x 1m

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