Chocolate Jazzie Making Workshops – adjusted for COVID-19


Created for Shopping Centres and perfect for School Holidays, the Chocolate Jazzie Making Workshops are a great activity as Australia re-opens for business with COVID-19 restrictions.

Please note that the photos on this page are all taken pre COVID-19 and will be updated asap.

Created and delivered by one of our top professional artists, Mark has being leading circus workshops for many years at all kinds of locations, and created the Chocolate Jazzie Making Workshops for venues like shopping centres that have been requesting an activity for their customers that is hygienic, quick and no fuss.

Chocolate Jazzies are just like chocolate freckles, and with the guidance of Mark participants can quickly and cleanly make a giant one each!

The Giant Chocolate Jazzie Making workshops have been designed for shopping centres as they are easy, quick and fun! The workshops are a new idea tested in Queensland at various markets and a major shopping centre in 2018/2019.

Now based in South Australia, Mark is taking the workshops around the country.

Giant Chocolate Jazzie making workshops will add value for people coming into your shopping centre with a unique & fun activity on offer, while maintaining social distancing, hygiene, and not taking up too much space or time!

To adhere to COVID-19 restrictions, the workshop numbers and spacing of participants have been adjusted, and the best possible hygiene is practiced.


You will be pleased to know that Mark is a professional entertainer with over 20 years experience working nationally and internationally as a professional MC and circus artist. His stage name is Scoot the Stunt Juggler and he has even had a Guinness World Record! Here is a little more about that side of Mark!

Mark has worked at all kinds of locations and the unique needs of shopping centres are well understood by him. He is engaging and makes sure everyone has a great time! Will he juggle a plate or two during the workshop ?? Maybe just the chocolate making for this one!

  • All equipment is tested and tagged
  • Public Liability insurance is in place
  • Mark has a Working with Children Check.
  • An allergen statement is present at site at all times for participants to view
  • Hand sanitiser is made available for all participants to use.
  • Mark comes with cleaning equipment and cleans and disinfects between every workshop.
  • Each of the participants use a disposable chocolate mould which is disposed after 1 use to ensure a clean and hygienic process.
  • Mark maintains the utmost personal hygiene and wears fresh disposable gloves and mask when preparing and setting up for each workshop.
  • Either the shopping centre can provide trestle tables and tablecloths (Mark has protective clear covers to be cleaned between each workshop)
    or Mark can provide everything if required.
  • Power is needed to the area for the Bain Marie (1 standard power point)
  • Mark supplies all the workshop materials.
  • The amount of space needed is modest and is flexible in how the centre would like to set up the space.
    Tables can be set up in rows, U shaped or a long line. Mark is fine to work with any setup.

For more information please contact Jen and tell us your location and how many days interest you.


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