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20 Feb 2024

Simon Stunts Street Show

Simon is one of the funniest circus performers in Australia and he has a solo circus stunt show for events and festivals. Trained at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) and also trained in clown and comedy in France, Simon has a set of skills to keep audiences laughing and amazed. He takes juggling... (more)

15 Feb 2024

Audrey & Audrey

From the same quirky minds as the creator of Madame Bonbon and Nobby, are Audrey and Audrey. They are from the UK and are there for much of the year. When they are in Australia (which is in the summer/autumn) they are based in QLD but travel around the country. And so they are available... (more)

13 Nov 2023

Stilt Christmas Beetles

Based in Sydney and Melbourne  – a stunning new Christmas Stilt Act! Sweet-as-candy Christmas Beetles dazzle you with silly-season glamour, bendy shapes and quirky smiles. As sculptural meet-and-greet (4 legs) or twirling up the dance floor (2 legs). Illuminated for magical evenings or bold&bright for daytimes! The Christmas Beetles are available in 3 configurations: With... (more)

24 May 2023

Aerial Bikes

Amazing Aerial Lollipop Lyra in a theatrically designed bike. Based in Sydney. Unlike anything else in Australia, our roving lollipop artist can delight guests as they ride through your event. Portable and self contained, upon a specifically designed rickshaw that is brightly lit. Costuming for the rider and the aerialist can also be tailored to... (more)

04 May 2023

Madame Bonbon & Nobby

From the minds of two amazing UK actors we have Madame Bonbon and Nobby, an absurd duo straight out of left field taking street theatre to mind bending places. When they are in Australia (which is in the summer/autumn) they are based mainly in QLD but travel around the country. They are available in many... (more)

06 Oct 2022

The Flower Squad

The Flower Squad are a new Sydney based roving act from a very established team of performers. Sharing fresh blooms of colour, bursts of brilliance & fun interaction, these colourful and charismatic characters are a wonderful addition to your event. With intricate, one of a kind costuming – these characters are perfect for a roving... (more)

13 Apr 2022

Golden Blossoms & Silver Butterflies – Stilts

Stunning stilts designs, Blossoms and Butterflies in elegant Gold or Silver for corporate events and festivals. Gorgeous Blossom stilt walkers in sumptuous tones of gold & dusky pink. Subtle & glamorous. Available in Sydney and Melbourne. Or Silver Butterfly stilt walkers glitter like frost on a winters lawn. Elegant & subtle, like a delicate gossamer... (more)

13 Apr 2022

Champagne Flowers on Stilts

For your special event, the beautiful Champagne Flowers on Stilts are based in Sydney and Melbourne. Elegant and oh-so-shiny these gorgeous dancers twirl like the bubbling of champagne at your favourite party, cool and golden. Stunning for corporate and festival events. Have toured to a major international events as seen in Hong Kong in the... (more)

01 Feb 2022

Sally Bubbles

A roving Bubble act like no other! Engage children and adults alike with the magical world of bubbles. Sally’s Bubble Pram is a mobile bubble act perfect for festivals and family events.

01 Oct 2021

Vintage Newspaper Boys!

Based in Sydney another wonderful idea for events wanting to create that Vintage feeling – Newspaper Boys! Perfect for greeting the crowds, guests and event announcements! “Extra! Extra! Read all about it! ” Step back in time as your audience are welcomed to your event by the folks in the know. Grab your paper and... (more)

01 Oct 2021

The Cyclopod roving stage

A very unique roving mini stage, The Cyclopod is the only one of its kind in Australia. The Cyclopod is a magnificent moving stage inspired by vintage tricycles and horse drawn wagons. In this hand-made interpretation of turn of the century elegance, we will bring one of Australia’s finest performers to your event. This stage... (more)

01 Oct 2021

Sync or Swim

From Sydney another classic vintage act as a show or roving  – Extra Bimbo, Sync or Swim! Fancy a dip? Come Witness “Extra Bimbo” the 1952 Olympic synchronised swim team hopefuls, as they prepare for the upcoming gold medal competition in Helsinki. Their sculls are strong, eggbeater kicks unbeatable, and they are ready to steal... (more)