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29 Nov 2014

Mr Beep and Miss Ellie – children’s show

Popular magician and ventriloquist Mr Beep has been entertaining children around the world for almost 50 years. In recent years he has teamed up with his partner Miss Ellie and together they have added some splendid songs and poetry into their repertoire. Mr Beep and Miss Ellie recently appeared at the National Folk Festival, Canberra,... (more)

29 Nov 2014

Contortionist – Samora Squid

Samora Squid is a Hobart circus contortionist, sword swallower, freak & sideshow performer & entertainer. The stretchy & freaky sweet-heart of sideshow, Samora Squid swallows swords, sings songs and bends his body into the most bizarre contortion positions you have ever seen!  and more! See here for his show of squeezing through a tennis racquet... (more)

29 Nov 2014

Circus Duo – Popeyed & Son

This Hobart circus duo of extraordinary skill perform a world class acrobatic routine that is awe inspiring in its execution & full of comedy as well. Suitable for street or stage, floorshows, festivals, corporate, sporting & family events, PopEyed & Son present a superb hand balancing act with a seriously comic angle. Ridiculously confident, confidently ridiculous, these masters... (more)