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10 Jul 2024

Lollipop Lyra Adelaide

Want an aerialist but can’t rig from anything? The Lollipop Lyra is the answer! This performance installation gives the same effect of an aerial performance, but on a stand rather than rigged. Based in Adelaide (and another team in Sydney) the Lollipop Lyra can be installed in a 3m x3m space for an installation/ ambient... (more)

27 Jun 2024

The Lightning Thieves

The Lightning Thieves are a fantastic juggling duo based in Adelaide. With LED lights on hats, shoes and amazing LED juggling clubs, this duo are skilled performers and are loads of fun. Very interactive roving is possible with pass juggling around those in the crowd who are willing to get into the act! Great for... (more)

26 Jun 2024

Bouncing Stilt Gymnast Squad

The Bouncing Stilt Gymnast Squad are ready for action! Based in Adelaide, nothing screams coordination like 8 foot tall bouncing stilt rhythmic gymnasts, and would be Olympians. The Rhythmic Gymnasts are sure to turn heads with their brightly coloured competition leotards, rhythmic banners and gleeful small leaps as they train amongst guests for the upcoming... (more)

26 Jun 2024

Stilt Dog Squad

The Bouncing Stilt Dog Squad are based in Adelaide and are ready to secure your event! We think! Highly trained in-security personnel, and completely nonsense canine unit. These characters are great for keeping dis-order with a side of mayhem at any event. Bouncing stilt in-security guards that have come to join the riff raff. Their... (more)

26 Jun 2024

Aviators 2.0

The Aviators now have an updated look not to be missed! The latest members of the roving Aviator flight squad. Aviators 2.0. Faster, brighter, stupider. Based in Adelaide the Aviators 2.0 bring an even more vibrant look to your event. Great for corporate events, sporting events and festivals – the Aviators are fabulous roving entertainment... (more)

26 Jun 2024

Illuminati Roving Act

Illuminati are a unique and fabulous roving act based in Melbourne. Pleasure is paramount! When too much is not enough, let Illuminati irradiate your guests! Attitude driving by an infectious desire to dance, Illuminati make participation fun again. Perfect for corporate events and festivals, Illuminati are style & charisma with a large dose of quirky... (more)

09 Apr 2024

Ladies who Lunch

Based in Sydney and perfect for spring events, race-days, corporate functions and more! Meet Ada, Agnes and Agatha the Victorian Tea Ladies, who pride themselves on propriety and posture! A quirky trio of comediennes, they are always trying to be their very best with very awkward results. Bringing a burst of colour, this is a... (more)

20 Feb 2024

Simon Stunts

Simon is one of the funniest circus performers in Australia and he has a solo circus stunt show for events and festivals. From Melbourne, currently moving between Sydney and Adelaide. Trained at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) and also trained in clown and comedy in France, Simon has a set of skills to... (more)

20 Feb 2024

Basketball Freestyler Shows

Based in Adelaide we have a sensational Basketball Freestyler who has performed worldwide and with the 360 All-Stars – he now specialises in short corporate shows. Originally from Belgium, this performer is renowned for his innovative freestyle basketball routines and flawless performances. He has performed at major sports events and corporate events throughout Europe; has... (more)

15 Feb 2024

Audrey & Audrey

From the same quirky minds as the creator of Madame Bonbon and Nobby, are Audrey and Audrey. They are from the UK and are there for much of the year. When they are in Australia (which is in the summer/autumn) they are based in QLD but travel around the country. And so they are available... (more)

13 Nov 2023

Stilt Christmas Beetles

Based in Sydney and Melbourne  Рa stunning new Christmas Stilt Act! Sweet-as-candy Christmas Beetles dazzle you with silly-season glamour, bendy shapes and quirky smiles. As sculptural meet-and-greet (4 legs) or twirling up the dance floor (2 legs). Illuminated for magical evenings or bold&bright for daytimes! The Christmas Beetles are available in 3 configurations: With... (more)

22 Jun 2023

Big Blue Pole Show

Based near Adelaide is a fantastic circus performer with his unique show for outdoor events – the Big Blue Pole Show. Beginning his career as a street magician at the age of 16, and now with stage name Malachi Frost, he quickly discovered he had the ability to entertain and engage complete strangers, and drag... (more)