‘International’ Category

15 Feb 2024

Audrey & Audrey

From the same quirky minds as the creator of Madame Bonbon and Nobby, are Audrey and Audrey. They are from the UK and are there for much of the year. When they are in Australia (which is in the summer/autumn) they are based in QLD but travel around the country. And so they are available... (more)

04 May 2023

Madame Bonbon & Nobby

From the minds of two amazing UK actors we have Madame Bonbon and Nobby, an absurd duo straight out of left field taking street theatre to mind bending places. When they are in Australia (which is in the summer/autumn) they are based mainly in QLD but travel around the country. They are available in many... (more)

28 Jun 2021

Stilt Bees

Wonderful Stilt Bees with moving wings will dance and flutter past your crowds! Based in Melbourne and performed by very experienced stilt walkers who have performed art major events world-wide with many amazing designs. The Stilt Bees are on 1 metre or higher stilts and create an amazing spectacle at festivals, parades, family days, agricultural... (more)

19 Aug 2019

Bubble Pirate!

Based in Brisbane this act is a real treasure! A Pirate that rides around on a segway designed as a ship’s wheel, and bubbles!

25 May 2017

BMX Bike Tricks

Scott’s BMX Trick act can be take on many forms. He has a show or he can perform roving. His show can be aimed at all ages and has been seen around the world, as a part of Circus Oz, or as a stand alone solo. From major events, to universities, shopping centres, even birthday... (more)

17 Jun 2016

Stilt Lady Bugs

The Stilt Lady Bugs based in Sydney, Melbourne and now also Brisbane! They are are magical colourful characters and designs for stilts and have the addition of LED lights for evening events. Performed by skilled stilt dancers, the Lady Bugs are great for simply roving at any event. Amazing designs and will certainly brighten any... (more)

30 Mar 2016

Giant Day of the Dead Puppets

Stunning Giant Day of the Dead Puppets from Sydney. The are new and stand 3.5-4metres tall as well as being beautifully lit! They are stunning, spectacular and unique; a great evening act. The Day of the Dead Puppets can rove for 2 x 40mins in a 2 hr call and require 1 crew person in addition to 2... (more)

17 Mar 2016

Bubble Show or Roving!

Dr Hubble takes you on a funny and sometimes slightly educational journey into the world of bubbles! For shows indoors as well as roving outdoors, you will see the biggest bubbles you have ever seen!

13 Aug 2015

Salesman – giant puppet

A Salesman with a difference!! Don’t forget to invest in your dreams! Live, Create, Dream, Dance, Fly!!! This inspiring fellow has a special message on his business cards reminding us to always follow our hearts!! Adelaide based, the Salesman giant puppet is available for festivals, events, corporate launches. Networking is a breeze at his size! The... (more)

13 Aug 2015

Construction Max the Giant Puppet

Max is more than your everyday Construction guy. A Big job needs a big Builder! And Max is Big!!! Highly Visible and Highly entertaining, Max offers a comprehensive maintenance service with giant oversized Hand Tools!!! Giant tape measure, shovel, hammer, screwdriver and spanner! Great for festivals, events, corporate launches … or maybe if a new building development just... (more)

05 Aug 2015

Bingle Bell, Christmas roving

From the Slack Taxi production studio is Bingle Bell, a loveable and original Australian Christmas roving character. Based in Adelaide. Gliding through a shopping centre, event, pageant and street festival, Bingle Bell is fun, 2.5metres high and visually stunning. A Christmas roving performance to entertain all ages! With the large scale circus design that always comes... (more)

05 Mar 2015

Circus Sports Stars

Fun sports themed roving circus performers, the Circus Sports Stars include world class jugglers, acrobats, hula hoopers, & unicyclists for major sporting events or sporting functions around Australia. Can also be themed as players in team tops provided by the event, or as umpires! Great for getting crowds in the spirit of an event. Lots... (more)